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מרכז צמחי מרפא


Herbal Medicine in  Practice 

Botanic Cure - Nir Avraham

Medicinal Plants


The "AZZA" Pharmacy

Located in Jerusalem center since 1935.

Mannge by Magister Morad Eitan (MSc in Pharmacy) and Tali Eitan (BSc in Pharmacy). 

The "AZZA" Pharmacy is a well known and honorable center providing health product for the commonity.  

Botanic-cure founded an herbal department specialized in high quality herbal extractions. Using only natural components and organic herbs for herbal formulation.

The Israeli association of Herbal Medicine

Founded at 2003 by a group of leading herbal practitioners and academic researcher.

The Israeli association of herbal medicine is a none profit organization, providing knowledge & promoting the Herbal Medicine field in Israel.
Since 2008 Nir Avraham is a board member set as a leading herbal practitioner and an academic authority, answering questions on the association web forum, lecturing in herbal conference, guiding herb walks and writing articles in the association magazine.

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