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Published Articles - Nir Avraham (MSc)

These Articles were published at the Israeli association of herbal medicine during 2008 until today.

The articles deals with a variety of issues in clinical herbal medicine: Materia medica, Physiological interactions and medicinal treatments. 

Pharmacological aspects of combinig Herbal Medicine in Pediatric Medicine

Published at The Israeli Herbal Medicine association magazine, Vol 8, January 2008.

This article deals with safety concerns, adverse action and suspected interaction while prescribing
Herbal Medicine to children.

Withania somnifera

Published at The Israeli Herbal Medicine association magazine, Vol 9, June 2008.

This Materia Medica article is about the medicinal herb called Withania somnifera, known as an Ayurovedic Medicine herb called in India "Ashwagandha". This herb is known in ancient rural medicine and today the active principles of the herb are recognized as Withanolides providing relief from stress, fatigue and also used as a chemotherapy agent.



Food allergy and food intolerance

Published at The Israeli Herbal Medicine association magazine, Vol 14, January 2011.

This article describe the complexity of the food that we eat at this era, from pure organic farming till fast and processed food. Food allergy or food intolerance might evolve in each of us and this outcome might be a migraine or a skin rush. Conventional medicine tend to suppress this outcome using anti-inflammatory drugs, while holistic natural medicine approach is eliminating the food allergen and supporting body systems with medicinal herbs.


Published at The Israeli Herbal Medicine association magazine, Vol 16, January 2012.

This review article examine the whole therapy known as Detoxification. Detoxification is an old medicinal term that today became too much of a trend then a real medical process. Herbal Medicine take a pivotal role in this therapy but caution and strategy are needed in order to make the best out of this cleansing process.


Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with Herbal Medicine

Ahead of print  at The Israeli Herbal Medicine association magazine, Vol 17, July 2013.

PCOS is the most common endocrine problem in reproductive women effecting about 10% of the population.

This in depth article explains the etiology and Herbal Medicine opportunity to balance this disorder.

Ruta Chalepensis

Herb monograph writen to the Israeli Minisrty of Health

This herb monograph was accepted by the Israeli Ministry of Health and award an authorization to be used under the safety restriction. Ruta calapensis is an endemic Israeli herb that was not recognized by the Ministry of Health until this article.


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