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Work & Experience

  • Growing extracting and formulating herbs for internal & external medicinal usage at "Aaza" pharmacy, Jerusalem.

  • Consulting clients about health concerns and wellbeing.

  • Consulting practitioners about combining herbal treatment.

Herbal Medicine Teacher 2008 to today
  • Herbal Medicine biannual course, Riedman Collage, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv.

  • Annual course in collaboration with Ms. Mina Faran (PhD), Hebrew University, Botanical Gardens.

  • Annual course in collaboration with Mr. Boaz Zur (BSc), Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens.

  • Herbal Medicine biannual Study group, Jerusalem.

  • Science teacher at Anthroposophic high school, Jerusalem. 

Board Member of The Israeli Association of Herbal Medicine 2008 to today
  • Writing articles on the association magazine.

  • Answering public and professional questions on the association website.

  • Guiding Herbal Medicine educational tours.

  • Lecturing on the biannual Herbal medicine conference.

    ​The Society for the Protection of Nature, Jerusalem
    Head of youth activity; 2003 to 2005

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